What’s an “Event”

Just like in real life, events happen at a specific day and time. When you buy a ticket, you’re reserving a seat to join an exclusive event at the scheduled time.

How does an event work?

At the time of the event, you will meet like-minded people in a series of 3-minute video speed dates. Just like speed dating in real life, you can “like” or “pass” on each date and see who you match with after the event!

How can I access the event?

Firstdate works on mobile, tablet and desktop. Desktop is recommended for a better quality experience, but Firstdate works on smartphones and tablets as well.

How do I know I’ll meet someone who is right for me?

Invites to our events are based on age and location so that you have the best chance to meet someone you hit it off with.

What if I don’t like the person?

At the end of your video date, you will be asked if you want to match or pass this person. Press “pass” if you don’t want to match.

 Live video speed-dating FAQ
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